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Brama Partners proposes domain-agnostic services, which cover business, product-market, and technical sides of the digital product  or ecosystem




Business Consulting

Business consulting is fixed bid or continuous service, which includes various activities to support and develop business positioning and processes.


Business Strategy

Business strategy is a short-time service, designed to generate and polish business strategy and refine strategy roadmap together with the key stakeholders.


Business Analysis

One of the keys to successful software development is a business analysis: requirements processing and correct backlog decomposition.

Product & Market


Product Consulting

Digital products require the same level of attention as every other business instrument. We are ready to be partners in this modern and complex environment.


Product Design

Product design helps you to build products from scratch: starting from a business idea, research, and product-market fit, to a high-fidelity concept validation and testing.


Product Landscape

This is the specific set of actions, which helps to evaluate the existing product. It includes market, competitor, and trends research, as well as AS-IS product state framing.


Brand Positioning

A brand's position plays a significant role in the growing oceans of market data. We use the set of brainstorming, mind-mapping, and digital legal practices to bring really unique brand solution to life. 


Market Research

Correct instruments for market research bring the best and most effective results for the market strategy and sales. This affects not only marketing departments but the whole company instead.


Market Strategy & SEO

Uncover the newest and best-working solutions for your market jobs and perfectly tune your SEO strategy with the help of our product, market, and search optimization advisers.


CX/UX/UI Design

Both external and internal digital instruments require customer or user experience construction before the actual development. We have the best experience and UI designers to make that happen. 


Usability & Accessibility

Accessibility requirements are now pretty often requested in specific domains, due to market and government regulations. We are ready to evaluate your product and align it with the world web standards.


Testing & Experiments

It's always better to have a series of tests and experiments before investing in software implementation. Product specialists at Brama Partners know how to handle this process.

Tech & Solutions


Technical Consulting

Our gathered technical experience at Brama Partners is significant and diverse. You will get the best-tuned recommendations and continuous evaluation for your digital tech setup.


Solution Design

Solution architecture is an integral part of every software development process. A verified solution blueprint minimizes the risks of potential reworks, scope creep and change of the approach. 


Process Automation

With a help of this service, our clients analyze current process gaps, optimize their business processes and grow automation culture inside the companies.


Web Development

Discover the possibilities of web application and platform development with our back-end, front-end, quality assurance and tech dedicated teams.


Mobile Development

We are platform and device agnostic when it comes to mobile development. This service is also closely connected to product, market and strategic services.


DevOps & Cloud

Accelerate innovation and streamline operations with our agile DevOps and cloud solutions. Maximize efficiency, scalability, and security of your digital environment.


Data Management

Our experts will help you unlock the full potential of your data with our robust data management services. Drive informed decision-making with trusted, actionable insights.



Ensure top-notch quality and customer satisfaction with our reliable QA and AQA services. Enhance product performance and minimize mistakes.



Transform your business with AI-driven solutions. Leverage our expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence to reduce costs and drive growth.



Brama Partners will create comprehensive solutions that protect your business from cyber threats. Safeguard your data and operations with cutting-edge technology and expertise.


HMI Practices

We will guide you through user experience construction with domain-centric HMI solutions. From design to implementation, we craft immersive, user-friendly interfaces for HMI solutions.


Prompt Management

Streamline support workflows and increase productivity with our prompt management solutions. Automate routine tasks and maximize efficiency with ease of the cutting-edge tech.

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