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OrangeCard Mobile Application

Product Vision and Design for NGO Startup

Mobility, NGO
Business Size
Startup, SMB
Business Model
B2C, B2G
Product Type
React Native, JS, Jenkins, Python, NoSQL

OrangeCard is a significant pet project for us. Started as the NGO initiative, it became the startup with all connected market, financial, and management challenges. The main idea of the application was finding a modern way to resolve the municipal conflicts between pedestrians and drivers who park their cars. Success core was to engage as more citizens as possible and make a powerful non-government instrument, that could involve police and municipal deputies on its side.

Main flow is so simple in practice – just take two or more photos of the vehicle and send it to the server. Everything else would be done by the code and the development team. From the users’ side, the whole process will take less than a minute. The secrets of such effectiveness were: smart token structure, data policy, the best front-end libs and connected NN AI solution to detect car state plates.

Of course, that understanding and simplicity didn't show up quickly. In general, the product design process lasted for nine months (with development started in the third month). During it, we ran through the different activities: created personas, worked with BMC and SWOT, generated and prioritized features, checked all hypothesis via interviews and product experiments, proceeded with the UI development.

This project created a huge resonance in Ukrainian society. We gave interviews to more than ten TV channels and had our project described in popular IT magazines and SM publics. Also, we created a precedent when local Kyiv state representatives and the Ministry of Internal Affairs both needed to react and think about possible solutions about the vehicle parking problem.

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